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The Buddy Terzia Band

from the Delta Style Magazine (September 2007)

Buddy Terzia playing a duet with Charlie Daniels: Devil Went Down To GeorgiaThe Buddy Terzia Band is one of the hottest party bands on the music scene. This band has really taken the “Delta” by storm. The “BTB” delivers some of the most memorable golden hits from the 60s & 70s, as well as some of the greatest contemporary country classics of today. Veteran musician, singer, and entertainer, Buddy Terzia, has been performing on a regular basis for the past 20 years. Terzia has performed on cruise ships, Branson shows, shared the stage with some of country music's biggest stars, as well a played for festivals, wedding receptions, private parties, and special corporate events.

Terzia is quick to attribute the bands success to having surrounded himself with incredible talent. “This band is loaded,” says Terzia. Besides being the lead singer himself, Terzia has Alice Profit, Elise Bostick, and Melissa Clark singing leads and backup vocals. Says Terzia, “Each one of these ladies have their own specialty. From them, you will hear everything from Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, to Shania Twain.”

Buddy all cleaned up!Adds Terzia, “When you talk about musicians, I can't say enough about the band. On piano, organ, and flute, we have veteran musician, Tony Cortellini. Tony has been in the music business for years, and has toured all over the country. He also played keyboards, for several years, with Louisiana's own G. G. Shinn. When Tony takes a ‘ride’ on those keyboards, I just like to close my eyes and let his music take me back in time. It makes you think that you're young again. On drums is Doug Crawford. He's absolutely incredible. I have played on and off with Doug for years, and he is one of the most intense drummers you'll ever see. Back in his college days, Doug was the drummer for the ‘Richardson Brothers.’ They performed on a regular basis for several years on the ‘Riverfront,’ in Shreveport.”

Craig Bostick is the band’s lead guitar and backup vocals. Says Terzia, “The music he produces is unbelievable. I always look forward to performing with Craig because he takes playing the guitar to a whole new level. Whenever Craig is playing a lead, I'm always reluctant to start singing another verse, because his guitar playing is outstanding. I could just listen to Craig all night.”

On bass guitar and backup vocals is Roy Waters. “What a player!” says Terzia. “Whenever I give Roy a song to learn for the next rehearsal, it's always a challenge for me, because he's going to learn it the right way. He's always kind enough to point out the mistakes that I left off of the rehearsal charts. But hey, that's what separates good musicians from bad musicians. He's really a team player.”

With that kind of line up, we asked Terzia, “What do you do?” Terzia replies, “I just stand up on stage and have fun watching all of this talent.”

We know better! Come on Buddy, tell us about you!

“Well, I've been singing and playing guitar since junior high school. Music and entertaining have always been a passion of mine. In addition to singing and playing guitar, I also play the fiddle, mandolin, and harmonica.”

Of all the instruments Buddy plays, which one does he like the best? “I like to play them all, but the fiddle takes me into a whole different world of music.”

“Its' amazing to me the different kinds of “musical moods” that you can create with the fiddle. You can play a ballad, and have someone ‘tear up,’ and turn right back around and play “Devil Went Down to Georgia” and have them laughing and tapping their feet. This is what attracted me to playing the fiddle. It’s just one of those charismatic instruments.”

Buddy“I remember receiving a phone call several years ago from my good friend Jerome Vascocu. He was involved with the Pickin’ and Ginnin’ Festival, in Rayville, and he had been given some ‘meet & greet’ passes to meet Charlie Daniels, who was performing at the festival. Jerome asked me would I like to come over to Rayville and meet Charlie Daniels? Now, Charlie Daniels had been my ‘fiddle mentor’ for years,” explains Terzia. “I jumped at the chance, and it was that experience that changed my musical life in a way that I will never forget. Charlie autographed one of my fiddles for me, and the next thing I knew, a friendship was in the making. I told Charlie that one of my dreams in life is to one day perform with him on stage. Three years later, that dream came true, and I found myself playing a fiddle duet with Charlie Daniels. Since that time, I have played three casino shows with Charlie – The Horseshoe, The Isle of Capri, and Sam’s Town.”

In a recent interview Charlie Daniels was quoted as saying, “My fiddle playin' buddy, Buddy Terzia, sure is a lot of fun on stage. He's a great guy, and we always enjoy him! He's also got me spoiled on those Ruston Peaches.” When we ask Buddy if Charlie has been a big influence on his music, he replies with a laugh, “What do you think? I have learned so much from him over the years. I just hope that when I'm 70 years old, I have just half the energy that Charlie has. When you get on stage with Charlie Daniels, you better have your seat belt fastened and have your bow ‘rosined up’, 'cause the horse race is about to begin. Charlie would be the person that I would want to tour with one day, but marriage, family, and career come first. But,” adds Terzia with a grin, “He always lets me perform a duet with him when he's close by.”

Of course, we have to know if Buddy will be playing a duet with Charlie Daniels at the upcoming DeltaFest, on September 8th! Terzia’s response? “Now that's suppose to be a secret.”

At the age of 55, Buddy says, “I've got a lot more fun still left in me to have and a bunch more music to play. I can't imagine what my life would be without music. I enjoy it much more today, than I did yesterday. I just can't wait to see what music brings me tomorrow.”

To book The Buddy Terzia Band, log on to his web site at, or call his office at 318-255-7368.